Summer 2017 Course Enrolment: Good to know information

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See Summer 2017 Course Enrolment Dates for specific information (dates, course load, etc.)

Students planning to take a full course load during the summer session must consider the following:

  • Summer is not a regular session, and thus our course offering is limited.
  • In order to accommodate all students we have a “phased” course enrolment. This means that the first day we open enrolment, all students are limited to enroling in one half course only. We then increase it to two, and so on. See Summer 2017 Course Enrolment Dates for details.
  • Most courses are offered in a compressed format. This means that the content of the course will be the same as if it were offered over 12 weeks, but assignments, mid-terms, etc. will happen at a much faster pace.

Planning to complete your degree requirements faster than the normal 2 year program length?

Students who started in September 2016 and plan to meet degree requirements by December 2017 are responsible for paying the degree fee, which is equivalent to two years of full-time studies. Thus, students who "fast track" will have an outstanding Balance of Degree fee. Please see all details under the Tuition & other fees section on our website.

  • The MI degree has been designed to be done in 2 years, and while it may be possible to complete it faster, and under special circumstances, we do not encourage it.
    • A number of our graduates who have done it in less than two years, have told us, that in retrospective, they took courses that did not necessarily align with their goals in their race to finish faster.

INF2173H Y Information Professional Practicum

  • Students planning to take this course must enrol in it whether they have already arranged for a placement or not.
  • The fact that a student may have arranged a placement does not guarantee a spot in the course. Students must enrol via ROSI themselves.
  • Please note the pre-requisites for this course. Email the instructor directly if you have any questions.

External courses: outside your program of study and outside the iSchool

  • Students planning on taking courses outside our Faculty should read the instructions posted on our website.
  • It may be a good idea to start the process of gathering the required information now and ensure that you will be able to enrol in the course(s) first, and then secure our approval.
  • Students bring all forms and documentation to Student Services for Graduate Coordinator's approval.

Summer finishers

  • Students planning to finish their degree by the end of Summer 2017 and need a 3rd or 4th course (i.e., half/full credit or 0.5/1.0 FCE) in order to do so may drop off an Add/Drop form with their top 3 choices.
  • Student Services will accommodate students as space permits, but cannot guarantee a specific course.

Requests for Summer Finishers:

  • will only be accepted between 10 am, April 10 to 10 am, April 13, 2017.
  • must be emailed to inquire [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca or dropped off with Student Services
  • must be signed and dated
  • will be time-stamped