Summer 2017 OSAP Extension Application for Full-Time Students - Now Available Online

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Summer 2017 OSAP Extension Application for Full-Time Students - Now Available Online
If you received full-time OSAP at the University of Toronto in the Fall 2016-Winter 2017 academic year and are planning on taking Summer 2017 classes, you may now request additional OSAP funding to study for the summer through the online Summer OSAP Extension Application at:

Please ensure you meet the course load requirements and follow the eligibility and deadlines listed online. This online application replaces the "pink" paper form offered in previous years.

Do not complete a new online application through the OSAP website – this will create delays and may result in reduced funding.

Notes and Tips:

  • Students can start the online extension application, save their information, and return to the application to submit later;
  • The online extension application allows students to upload required supporting documentation'
  • Once submitted, as with the regular full-time OSAP application, any changes will need to be submitted to Enrolment Services (172 St. George Street) with a written notice;
  • As in the past, students will receive an assessment on the OSAP website starting in late April. Students who apply by the April 10th deadline should expect to receive funding within the first two weeks of classes.

Keep your Student Loans Interest-Free
Students who are registered full-time in the summer session, but will not be receiving any student loans MUST inform their loan provider in order to keep loans interest free and from going into repayable status. Students who are former OSAP recipients or who have outstanding OSAP loans must submit a Continuation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) form prior to every session they continue to be registered full-time and are not receiving a student loan. Students receiving financial support from other provincial governments, please check the Enrolment Services website for details.