Exercising to keep sane--a guest blog--part 2 of 2

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Finding time to exercise

..isn’t easy, not for students, not for workers, and certainly not for those who are both! In the end, though, it comes down to priorities. Read more »


Exercising to keep sane--a guest blog--part 1 of 2

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Michael Friesen, a first year student in the iSchool’s ARM stream shares his thoughts

I was originally going to title this series “The importance of exercising” only to decide against it for two reasons. The first was that I feared it might come off as self-righteous. The second was that I don’t think exercising is a moral imperative (no one suffers if you don’t) so much as it’s a strategy to keep sane. Read more »


iSchool: Information Night

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One of the best ways of getting good overview of our program is to come to one of our information nights.  This year we are having two in November and one later on in the new year. You will have an opportunity to listen to faculty describe the program as well as get some basic information about applying.  Current students and admissions staff will also be available for questions.  We look forward to seeing you!!! Read more »

Getting started on your application

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Working through the on-line application process may seem daunting at first but with a little bit of preparation it can go quite smoothly!

First off, identify the degree program you are interested in and take time to check  the deadline for applications.

Next, read through the requirements for the degree making sure you meet them.  If you have questions, email us at admissions [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca Read more »

Welcome to the iSchool blog!

Thinking of applying to the iSchool?  We plan to blog tips for applying, deadlines, and opportunities to meet us.

Questions?  email us at:  admissions [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca

We look forward to hearing from you!

Applications to the MI program

Our regular cycle of applications for the Masters of Information program has drawn to a close for this year---BUT!!! remember, if your passion is information and you are only now wanting to apply, contact us!  admissions [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca (subject: information%20on%20the%20MI%20program)


Our open house....

...was a real success on April 19th.  If you were unable to attend do not hesitate to contact an admissions officer at admissions [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca.  We would be very happy to help you plan your application.


Deadline approaching

The deadline for applications to the iSchool's Master of Information program is fast approaching.  If you are thinking of applying, but have questions, don't be shy about asking us!

We have added an extra Open House opportunity in April --so drop on by!


iSchool: Full Disclosure: part 3 & 4 of 4

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Here's the last part of Cody's guest blog...

.....In the end, we created a set of six applications, diverse enough to entertain any and all types of GO Train riders: Read more »


Career Services at the iSchool

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Today's blog is brought to you by Isidora Petrovic, our in-house careers officer. As a professional school we care deeply about both what you learn here and how and where you take that knowledge out into the working world.  Isidora explains.

Career services at the iSchool

Greetings future information professionals! Before you meet me on our first day at the orientation, I would like to tell you about my role and how I assist students at this amazing faculty. Read more »

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