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This is a listing of all courses offered.  Members of the iSchool community may also see syllabi of courses offered in current and previous terms in our Course Syllabi Repository section. From Fall 2014 term, the repository contains many open access syllabi as well as password-protected ones.  A UTORid is required to view password-protected syllabi.

Information update alert

Course pre-requisites and co-requisites have been updated. Please check course descriptions carefully to make sure you have the pre-requisites and/or co-requisites for the courses in which you wish to enrol

BKS1001H Introduction to Book History
BKS1002H Book History in Practice
GGR1922H Topics in Geographical Information Science
INF1001H Knowledge and Information in Society
INF1002H Representation, Organization, Classification, and Meaning-Making
INF1003H Information Systems, Services and Design
INF1005H Information Workshop I
INF1006H Information Workshop II
INF1230H Management of Information Organizations
INF1240H Research Methods
INF1300H Foundations in Library and Information Science
INF1310H Introduction to Reference
INF1320H Knowledge Organization
INF1321H Representing, Documenting, and Accessing the Cultural Record
INF1322H Communities and Values
INF1323H The Information Experience
INF1324H Systems and Infrastructures
INF1325H Online Information Retrieval
INF1330H Archives Concepts and Issues
INF1331H Archival Arrangement and Description
INF1340H Programming for Information Systems
INF1341H System Analysis and Process Innovation
INF1342H System Requirements and Architectural Design
INF1343H Data Modeling and Database Design
INF1501H Culture & Technology I
INF1502H Culture & Technology II
INF1601Y User Experience Design Capstone Project
INF2010H Reading Course
INF2011H Reading Course
INF2040H Project Management
INF2102H Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Libraries
INF2103H Recordkeeping Cultures
INF2110H Design and Evaluation of Information Literacy Programs
INF2115H Data Librarianship
INF2120H Conservation and Preservation of Recorded Information
INF2121H Specialized Archives
INF2122H Digital Preservation and Curation
INF2124H Surveillance and Identity
INF2125H Information and Culture in a Global Context
INF2126H Public Library Services to Culturally Diverse Communities
INF2127H Collection, Development, Evaluation and Management
INF2128H Serials Management
INF2129H Graphic Novels and Comic Books in the Library
INF2133H Legal Literature and Librarianship
INF2134H Business Information Resources
INF2135H Evidence-Based Healthcare for Librarians
INF2136H Government Information and Publications
INF2137H International Organizations: Their Documents and Publications
INF2141H Children's Cultural Texts and Artifacts
INF2143H Issues in Children's and Young Adults' Services
INF2145H Creation and Organization of Bibliographic Records
INF2146H Trusting Records
INF2149H Administrative Decision-Making in Information Organizations
INF2150H Legal Issues in Archives
INF2152H Advocacy and Library Issues
INF2153H Technical Services: Organization and Administration
INF2155H The Public Library in the Community: Developing a Critical Practice
INF2157H Theory & Practice of Intellectual Freedom in Libraries
INF2158H Management of Corporate and other Special Information Centres
INF2159H Analytical and Historical Bibliography
INF2161H History of Books and Printing
INF2162H Rare Books and Manuscripts
INF2165H Social Issues in Information and Communication Technologies
INF2167H Community Informatics
INF2169H User-Centred Information Systems Development
INF2170H Information Architecture
INF2172H Readers' Advisory: Reference Work and Resources
INF2173H Information Professional Practicum
INF2174H History of Records and Records Keeping
INF2175H Managing Organizational Records I
INF2176H Information Management in Organizations-Models and Platforms
INF2177H Information Management and Systems
INF2180H Archives: Access, Advocacy and Outreach
INF2181H Information Policy, Regulation and Law
INF2183H Knowledge Management and Systems
INF2184H Appraisal for Records Retention and Archives Acquisition
INF2186H Metadata Schemas and Applications
INF2189H Managing Organizational Records II
INF2190H Data Analytics: Introduction, Methods and Practical Approaches
INF2191H User Interface Design
INF2192H Representing UX
INF2194Y Information Systems Design Project
INF2195H Special Topics in Information Studies: Libraries, Archives, Museums: Intersections and Tensions
INF2196H Special Topics in Information Studies: Platform Politics & Power
INF2197H Special Topics in Information Studies: Digital Labour
INF2198H Special Topics in Information Studies: Readings in Feminist Technology
INF2199H Special Topics in Information Studies: Information Ethics
INF2221H Digital divides and information professionals: developing a critical practice
INF2225H Digital Discourse
INF2240H Political Economy and Cultural Studies of Information
INF2241H Critical Making: Information Studies, Social Values, and Physical Computing
INF2242H Studying Information and Knowledge Practices
INF2243H Critical Histories of Information and Communication Technologies
INF2300H Special Topics in Information Studies: Biodesign, Emerging Technologies, and Social Impact
INF2301H Special Topics in Information Studies: Digital Subcultures
INF2302H Special Topics in Information Studies: Innovations in Scholarly Communication
INF2303H Special Topics in Information Studies: Culture, Technology, and Foucault
INF2304H Special Topics in Information Studies: Evaluation and Measurement of Programs
INF2305H Special Topics in Information Studies: Database and Narrative
INF2306H Special Topics in Information Studies: Designing for Knowledge Work
INF2307H Special Topics in Information Studies: Crossing the River: Issues, Concepts and Challenges of Digitization
INF2308H Special Topics in Information Studies: Digital Archives for Minitorized Material: Ethics and Praxis
INF2309H Special Topics in Information Studies: Computer Coding: Practices and Cultures
INF2310H Special Topics in Information Studies: Communication and Community: Explorations in strategic communication and social entrepreneurship
INF2311H Managing AudioVisual Material
INF2312H Art Librarianship in Theory and Practice
INF2313H Introduction to Service Science
INF2320H Remix Culture
INF2325H Launching Information Ventures
INF2330H Information Ethnography
INF2331H The Future of the Book
INF2332H Information Behaviour
INF3001H Research in Information: Foundations
INF3002H Research in Information: Contemporary Issues
INF3003H Research in Information: Frameworks and Methods
INF3006Y Thesis Proposal Preparation
INF3007Y Colloquium I
INF3008Y Colloquium II
INF3015H Reading Course
INF3900H Workplace Integrated Learning
INF3901Y Cooperative Education Placement I
INF3902H Cooperative Education Placement II
INF3903H Cooperative Education Placement III
INF3910Y Workplace Project
JIE1001H Seminar in Identity, Privacy and Security
KMD1001H Theory and Methods in Knowledge Media Design
KMD1002H Applications in Knowledge Media
KMD2001H Human-Centred Design
KMD2002H Technologies for Knowledge Media
KMD2003H Knowledge Media & Learning
KMD2004H Knowledge Media, Culture & Society
KMD4000H Knowledge Media Design: Special Topics
MHI2001H Health Informatics I
MHI2002H Health Informatics II
MSL1150H Collection Management
MSL1230H Ethics, Leadership, Management
MSL1300H Contemporary Theories of Art and Culture
MSL1350H Museums and their Publics
MSL2000H Curatorial Practice
MSL2050H Curating Science
MSL2100H Museum Environment - Intensive Format
MSL2115H Global Cultures and Museums
MSL2240H The Photographic Record
MSL2301H Special Topics in Museum Studies: Museum-Government Relations: International Context
MSL2302H Special Topics in Museum Studies: Foundations in Visitor Research
MSL2325H Museums and New Media Practice
MSL2330H Interpretation and Meaning-Making in Cultural Institutions
MSL2331H Exhibitions, Interpretation, Communication
MSL2332H Public Programs and Education
MSL2340H Issues in Cultural Policy and Contemporary Culture
MSL2350H Museum Planning and Management
MSL2360H Museums and Indigenous Communities: Changing Relations, Changing Practice
MSL2370H Museums and Cultural Heritage: Context and Critical Issues
MSL2500H Constructing and Curating Digital Heritage
MSL3000Y Internship
MSL4000Y Exhibition Project
MSL5050H Special Studies
RST9999Y Thesis
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