INF1601Y User Experience Design Capstone Project

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The capstone UXD project gives students the opportunity to shape their own learning by planning and executing a major UXD project that contributes to FI, the University or the wider community. In this year-long course students work in diverse ‘collaborative’ teams to execute a major UXD project.

The course is divided into two related and cumulative halves. The first term focuses on ideation, team building and project design. The term will culminate in a Design Brief that will outline the central objectives, scope and logistics involved in creating and organizing the project. In the second term, students will work in the groups of 3-5 to execute the approved short-term project that tackles UXD themes and topics. Workshops and seminars will be based around the project milestones including: prototype I critique, prototype II critique and final presentation. The final presentations will be open to other students and the broader community.

Please note that students must have successfully completed all listed pre-requisites prior to enrolling in INF1601Y User Experience Design Capston Project. No exceptions will be made.


KMD2001H/INF2169H and INF2191H
INF2040H or equivalent
Formerly called KMD Capstone Project. New name is effective May 2017. Students taking this course must be enrolled in the UXD concentration or special permission by concentration liaison is required. Description changed.