INF2172H Readers' Advisory: Reference Work and Resources

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This course introduces students to the selected theories underlying reading studies and readers' advisory (RA); the major genres and sub-genres of fiction and non-fiction materials that comprise the core of RA work; a wide array of RA print and electronic tools; and current practices of delivering RA services in both public and academic libraries, with the focus on the former. The concept of integrated RA will be reviewed, and alternative formats for providing advisory services will be discussed (films, music, games, Living Libraries, etc.).

Recognizing that readers' advisory for children and teens/young adults requires special in-depth treatment, this course focuses only on adult readers. It is expected that by the end of the course, students will be able to (1) efficiently interview readers in order to identify their reading needs; (2) acquire an in-depth understanding of reading genres; (3) become familiar with a variety of readers' advisory tools and use them confidently and proficiently; and (4) identify opportunities and means for continuing professional development in the area of RA.

This course is for students interested in public librarianship; aspiring school media specialists; and future academic librarians who will develop collections in support of research and courses in popular genre fiction, literature, cultural anthropology, and other disciplines that recognize the importance of stories.

INF1310H or permission from the instructor.