INF2199H Special Topics in Information Studies: Information Ethics

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This course investigates the ethical foundations of contemporary information technology. Through lectures, readings, group and independent projects, we will analyze and engage contemporary challenges ranging from privacy in big data, mobile computing and national security environments, diversity and the digital divide, the nature of innovation, property, access and collaboration in an increasingly networked world, to the role of professional codes of ethics. The course draws on cases from the fields of library and information science, health care, education, politics, and international development, but above all it draws on YOUR experiences as a use, consumer, builder, and contributor to the global world of technology. Through this core you’ll learn about key theories, methods, frameworks, laws, and institutions that govern, shape, and inform the contemporary world of technology. You’ll also learn core writing and presentation skills central to success in virtually all organizational settings. Above all, you’ll learn to critically and strategically engage with the worlds of information and technology around you, deciding what kind of information consumer, user, citizen, and professional YOU want to be.