INF2300H Special Topics in Information Studies: Biodesign, Emerging Technologies, and Social Impact

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This course provides a multi-disciplinary team-based approach to the identification of needs, development of ideas, and the potential integration of information technology-based solutions within biomedical contexts. Fundamental perspectives and skills of design will be explored within a project-based format with particular focus placed on methods and processes of ideation, including needs assessment and filtering, stakeholder analysis and specification, brainstorming and concept selection. Current methodologies will be surveyed and analyzed in order to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, particularly as they relate to understandings of technology and social organization, values, and ethics. Current and emerging computational innovations will be explored using hands-on constructive exercises in order to familiarize students with the potentials and challenges associated with them. A specific focus of this course will be on the development of solutions aimed at social impact rather than primarily directed at market generation and profit.