INF2309H Special Topics in Information Studies: Computer Coding: Practices and Cultures

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Computer programs are socio-technical systems. They are technological artifacts produced by programmers working in a social context using an ecosystem of software tools, which were in turn created by other programmers. In this course, we look at both the tools and the sub-cultures surrounding programmers from ethnographic, critical, feminist, and post-colonial perspectives. In addition to readings, students are expected to engage with computer source code and write reflective papers.

Students with no previous programming knowledge are welcome to take this course. While we will be engaging in project work that involves basic programming, the course will provide tutorials and assistance in these areas. Students will be expected to work on projects within and outside of class hours and to develop some skills in these areas.

Students with previous programming knowledge are also welcome in the course. The programming assignments will be completed in a language that the student does not already know, such as Scheme, Clojure or Haskell.