INF2320H Remix Culture

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In this course, we will approach remix culture from many perspectives: as a genre, as an aesthetic, as an analytic framework, as a set of existing practices, and as a sort of cultural movement.

We will examine core concepts, theories and practices involved in remix culture(s), focusing on the ways in which these practices implicate issues and questions that are central to developing a better understanding of the information society: from the alleged rise of piracy and plagiarism in the digital age, to growing concerns about the enclosure of the commons, to enduring hopes about the potential democratization of cultural production and distribution. The course design revolves heavily around experiential learning.

Students in this course will take part in a collaborative “remixing” of the syllabus, determining the order in which the weekly topics will be examined, and thereby having a significant impact on their own learning trajectories and how themes are paired and juxtaposed within lectures and class discussions.


This course includes 5 screenings which will be scheduled immediately after class. Specific dates TBA. Please allow approx. 2.5-3 hours for each screening and discussion.