Tips for course enrolment

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Information on this page:

We hope that the following tips will help you to have a smooth course enrolment experience.

Before course enrolment takes place

  1. Go over the timetable very carefully.
  2. Read the course descriptions closely, and make note of any pre- or co-requisites.
  3. Consult the Course Syllabi section to learn more about particular courses. Follow the instructions there to see the actual syllabi. 
  4. Draft your own timetable ahead of time, making sure there are no conflicts with other courses, your workplace, etc.
  5. If there are workplace issues, try talking to your employer. You may be surprised at their willingness to accommodate you, if you present the matter in a professional way.
  6. If you discover conflicts after you enrol in courses, your chances of moving them around may be somewhat limited.
  7. Prepare a list of alternate courses in case your preferred courses are full.
  8. You can waitlist for one (1) half course on ACORN/ROSI, but this does not guarantee you will get in.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the process of enrolment by reading our Course enrolment & registration page, which includes information on waitlisting.
  10. At least a day ahead, make sure that your computer and internet connection work properly.
  11. Login to ACORN/ROSI the day before enrolment opens, and make sure everything works.
  12. Remember your PIN and enter it carefully!  Your PIN is case-sensitive.
  13. If you attempt to login to ACORN/ROSI unsuccessfully twice, the system will ask you for a new PIN.
  14. You will then need to contact the iSchool Student Services staff (via ACORN/ROSI), or by phone at 416-978-3234.

On the day of course enrolment

  1. Course enrolment day begins at 6 a.m. ACORN/ROSI time.
    For a near approximation of the ACORN/ROSI current time and its equivalent globally, view the World Clock online. 
  2. The early bird does get the worm, so sign up early.
  3. Second year students get to enrol ahead of incoming students.  Check Academic Dates to see which day is your day.
  4. Have your PIN number ready, remember that it is case-sensitive, and enter it carefully.
  5. Don't let ACORN/ROSI time you out!
  6. If you login to ACORN/ROSI and let it sit idle for a few minutes, the system will log you out as a security measure.
  7. Enrol in the most popular courses first. 
  8. First year students: If you don't get in now, remember you'll have priority next year.
  9. Don't panic!
  10. If you try to enrol in a course and it doesn't seem to work, try again.  Sometimes the system gets overloaded.

Special instructions for external courses

The following information applies to courses that are external to a student's program, or external to the iSchool, but still WITHIN the University of Toronto.  Note that undergraduate courses do not count towards any degree.


  • Courses listed on the iSchool course descriptions page such as GGR1922H: Topics in Geographical Information Science, or MHI2001H: Health Informatics I.
  • Master of Information (MI) students who want to take Museum Studies (MSL) courses.
  • Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) students who want to take Information (INF) courses
  • Any other course in a graduate department at U of T


  1. Enrol in the external course on ACORN/ROSI.
  2. REQ status will appear.
  3. Fill out a Course Add/Drop Form, available in the Registration & Enrolment section at the SGS forms website.
  4. Take it to the appropriate host department for approval, if applicable.
  5. Some host departments may require iSchool authorization first.  See next step.
  6. After getting the form signed by the host department, bring it to the iSchool Student Services Office (Bissell Building, 140 St. George St., Room 211) to get it processed.
  7. A printout of the course description or course outline must accompany your request.
  8. The completed form, with all signatures, will then reside with iSchool Student Services Office.

Health Informatics (MHI) courses

There are a limited number of spots available for iSchool students wishing to take MHI courses.  The process is the same as above.  Priorities will be as follows:

  • Students taking the Health Informatics cluster of courses, within the Knowledge Management & Information Management (KMIM) concentration
  • Students taking an the General Program Option with a Health Informatics focus
  • Students who can demonstrate interest in the field by having taken related courses

The department's decision is final.