Interactive Digital Media (IDM) undergraduate degree

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About the degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive Digital Media (IDM) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program offered jointly by the Faculty of Information (St George Campus, University of Toronto), and the Institute of Communication, Culture, and Information Technology (ICCIT) at the University of Toronto's Mississauga Campus. 

Program characteristics:

  • Provides students with a foundation in the generation, diffusion, and critical analysis of the social impact of new and emerging technologies
  • A second-year entry program:  Students declare their intention to enter the IDM program in their first year of university, and take recommended preparatory courses during the first year
  • Combines the enhanced expertise of the Faculty of Information's (iSchool) faculty members with existing expertise and resources of the ICCIT
  • Provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in information systems and new media design

Students in this program:

  • Are exposed to state-of-the-art thinking and practice in advanced technologies, relevant to the creation and application of digital media in virtually any domain
  • Focus on digital media and its information communication infrastructures
  • Learn how to analyze and use a variety of media tools
  • Learn to design and create digital artefacts and virtual environments, suitable for collaboration, communication, learning, and exploration
  • During their 4th year, participate in an experiential learning-based project relevant to their core interests


For more information please contact:

lisa [dot] pedenatutoronto [dot] ca (Lisa Peden)
ICCIT Student Liaison, University of Toronto Mississauga