Outstanding Contribution

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For more than 30 years, the Faculty of Information Alumni Association (FIAA) annually asks for nominations for a student to receive its coveted Student Jubilee Award.

In 2010, FIAA decided to change the name of the award to be more in line with its stated purpose. The Jubilee will now be known as the "FIAA Outstanding Student Contribution Award." Any past recipients of the Jubilee will keep the name as awarded.

Introduction to the Award

The FIAA Outstanding Student Contribution Award is awarded to an enrolled student in the MI program who has made a significant all-around contribution to the life of the Faculty in such areas as student life, participation in the activities of the Student Council, Faculty Council and their committees or in the University as a whole. It also considers active participation in professional organizations, academic excellence and publishing. The winner of the award will receive a framed citation and a cheque for $500.00.


Students must write a letter about their nominee, his or her achievements, and why she or he should receive the award, addressing each of the criteria referred to above.

A nomination form* (download Word document) is available. To provide the Selection Committee with adequate information on which to base its decision, please ensure that your letter is as specific as possible on your nominee's contribution to student life, the Faculty, the University, and associations; any published work and innovations they've achieved; and include any names, dates, periods of time, etc. that may be relevant.

You don't have to fill in the form, it's just there as a guideline or option. As long as you include the information that is required, it can be the filled on form or a separate letter.

Once the form and/or letter is complete, please email it to alumniatischool [dot] utoronto [dot] ca, or fax it to (416) 978-5762, to the attention: FIAA Outstanding Student Contribution Award Nomination Committee. Nominations should be submitted by March 31, 2011.

* The nomination form can also be acquired by emailing kathleen [dot] obrienatutoronto [dot] ca, or the Student Council Representative, val [dot] stevensatutoronto [dot] ca.

Past Student Jubilee Award recipients:

1979      Eileen Daniel   1995 Gregory Cassidy
1980 Deborah Henderson   1996 Alexander Fayle
1981 Lynn Morgan   1997 Wiebke Smythe
1982 Cheryl Young,
Alison Brown
  1998 Dan Scott
1983 Gina McOuat   1999 Tracey Palmer
1984 Alison Leapman   2000 Katherine Young
1985 Susan Ewing   2001 Brian Vetruba
1986 Catharine Burke   2002 Christopher Cronin,
Marjorie Mitchell
1987 Laurie Ford   2003 Krista Boa
1988 Alan Husdal   2004 Paula Clark,
Rod Carter
1989 Guylaine Petrin   2005 Edward White
1990 Laura Soto-Barra   2006 Liana Giovando
1991 Ingrit Monasterios   2007 Kathleen Scheaffer
1992 Louise McGillis   2008 Christina Hwang
1993 Melanie Noviss  



Meghan Ecclestone

Kim Stymest

1994 Yuen Shyr