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About graduation

Graduation is the culmination of a student's successful studies. Information on this page will assist students in making sure that all final stages proceed smoothly.

There are two convocation ceremonies: one in June, and another in November. There is also a third period in March, when degrees are conferred in absentia, i.e., without a ceremony.

  • November graduation:
    All degree requirements completed at the end of the summer session.
  • March graduation (in absentia):
    All degree requirements must be met by the end of the fall session.
  • June graduation:
    All degree requirements must be met by the end of the fall or winter sessions.

Details about graduation and convocation, e.g., ceremony dates and tickets, are available from U of T's  Office of Convocation.


Intent to convocate

Students must submit an Intent to Convocate Form during their final session.

Upon submission of this form, the iSchool Student Services department will review the student's program and transcripts, and submit a degree recommendation to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Students will receive an email from Student Services, Faculty of Information once the degree recommendation has been sent. (This can take several weeks after the form closes.)
SGS completes a program check, they will FINCA your account record. Tuition fees for the upcoming session will be reversed, and service charges will not be applied. This process too takes several weeks.

Part-time students:    

For students who have been registered as part-time at any time during their iSchool studies, a balance-of-degree fee may be required.  This fee is not charged to the student's account until after their degree recommendation has been processed.    


Name/gender changes

The name on the student's diploma will appear as it is recorded in the Student Web Service (ROSI).

Students should review this information in ROSI, and if a change in name, including the addition of a middle name, or gender change is required, get in contact with SGS Student Services at graduate [dot] informationatutoronto [dot] ca.

Appropriate documents, such as a Birth Certificate, or Marriage Certificate, will be required.

Name changes must be sent to SGS in February for the June convocation, and in September for the November convocation.


Confirmation of Degree letter

SGS prepares degree confirmation letters for both Master's and PhD students who require them.

Students must have:     

  • Completed all requirements for their program
  • Had all grades submitted by their professors to the iSchool's Student Services department
  • Submitted an Intent to Convocate form

To request a letter, fill out an SGS Request for Confirmation of Degree Form, and fax it to SGS at 416-978-0992.  There is a $7.00 fee per letter for Master's students.  PhD students receive one free letter.

SGS will do a programs and fees check, so all outstanding bills should be paid. 

Once the iSchool Student Services department  submits the student's degree recommendation, the student will be contacted via University of Toronto email.

Please allow five business days for SGS to process the letter.  If the letter is needed urgently, contact convocation [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca with an explanation.


Wrapping up at the iSchool

Download the Information for Graduating Students leaflet for resources and services to support you in your transition from graduate school to professional life. 

Email:  After graduation, your student e-mail address is automatically changed to[at]   Find out more about alumni email

Wireless network: U of T does not offer access to its wireless network to alumni.

Building and lab access:  After graduation, if you still require building and lab access please contact Facilities Coordinator, glen.menzies[at]

Returns and retrievals

  • Return all Inforum items that you have checked out to avoid fines
  • Resolve outstanding library fines at Robarts Library or online

Borrowing privileges

U of T Library borrowing privileges, including Inforum borrowing privileges, will expire by the September following your convocation date.  To extend your privileges after that, you can:

  • Purchase a U of T alumni card  or
  • Sign up for a free Inforum borrowing card
  • Neither of the above cards provide access to UTL e-resources -- there is no access to e-resources for alumni

Stay connected     

Stay connected to the iSchool community via:    

  • Faculty of Information Alumni Association (FIAA)
  • iSchool Institute of Continuing Studies (iSI)
  • Job Site
  • Recent graduates can continue to take advantage of career services offered at the iSchool