# 11 PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

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Community Safety

A reminder that the Community Safety Office is here to help. Please see their:
Safety Tips & Reporting a Crime and
Emergency Resources


The HelpHub is up and running! Remember to COPY (cc) helphub [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca when emailing the person listed under “Who to Contact” on the HelpHub PDF.

Embedded Counsellor at iSchool: Jaylin Bradbury

A reminder that we now have an embedded counsellor, Jaylin Bradbury on Tuesdays and Thursdays! To book an appointment with Jaylin, email: capsatmail [dot] studentlife [dot] utoronto [dot] ca.  Please be clear to identify that you wish to book an appointment with the embedded counsellor at the Faculty of Information.

Upcoming English Language and Writing Support (ELWS) Workshops

Next Monday, November 21, 2016: Refining Your Use of Sources
Time: 4 pm – 5:30 pm (Note the early start!)
Location: Bissell Building, 140 St. George Street, Room 205
Instructor: Dr. Peter Grav
See full descriptions, locations, and a complete list of upcoming workshops and course offerings on the ELWS website: http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/currentstudents/Pages/English-Language-and-Writing-Support.aspx

PhD iWeekly e-newsletter schedule

Please note that the  iWeekly e-newsletter will be on hold for the next week. Announcements of time sensitive material will be sent as individual emails.