#33-3 | Change to Continuation of Interest-Free Status process - effective immediately

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The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) has launched a new online Continuation of Interest-Free Status Application this week. Full-time students who have received full-time OSAP in the past and want to keep their OSAP interest-free without requesting more funding may now submit an online application. The new online application is at: www.ontario.ca/osap.

Full-time status will be confirmed electronically, similar to the way OSAP funding is now released.

Use of the old CIFS application form should be discontinued immediately. The application cannot be submitted more than 15 days before the start of the study period, and the new deadline for the application is 21 days before the end of the study period. Other than that, the policies remain the same:

  • Students must have enrolment confirmed within 6 months of their last full-time study period to avoid interest accruing on their OSAP account
  • Students must be registered in a full-time program
  • Confirmation must be processed within the study period; it cannot be done after the end of the study period.
  • Continuation of Interest-Free Status requests cannot be backdated.

Students who’ve received Part-Time OSAP should continue to use the federal Schedule 2. Students from other provinces will continue to use the process established by their home province.

Students are encouraged to use the online application. However, if a paper form is needed, the new paper CIFS application is available at the OSAP website or directly from: https://osap.gov.on.ca/prodconsumption/groups/forms/documents/forms/tcont003388.pdf

Students receiving financial support from other provincial governments, please check the Enrolment Services website for details.