PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

# 3 PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

Upcoming deadlines

Internal deadlines for the two awards noted below will be posted soon. Read more »

# 1 & 2 PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

SGS Calendar & iSchool Academic Regulations, Important Dates & Deadlines

Read more »

# 48 PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

Final Reminder: Register by Paying or Deferring Fees by August 28th

Please pay or defer your fees by August 28, 2015. Read more »

# 47 PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

Funding Update

For those of you in the funded cohort, please look for and respond to the email you will be receiving today from Mary-Marta Briones-Bird on behalf of Glenn Cumming. Read more »

# 46 PhD iWeekly e-newsletter

Course enrollment

Be sure that you have enrolled in the courses you will need to take if you are beginning or still working on the course component of your program. See the sample course sequence on the website; scroll down for the flex-time sequence. Read more »

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