Full-Time Status

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Effective September 2013

Master's Programs

Students With Full-Time Registration Status

Please refer to the glossary of terms used to describe the registration status.

Minimum Degree Fee
Equivalent to 2 regular academic years of full-time studies

Program Length
4 regular sessions (2 regular academic years)

Time Limit
3 regular academic years

To Maintain Full-Time Status, students:

  • Are subject to academic regulations as outlined on the iSchool’s website, as well as the School of Graduate Studies(SGS) calendar.
  • May enroll in a maximum of four half courses (2.0 FCEs) per session
  • Must enroll in a minimum of one half course (0.5 FCE) per session
  • Are normally required to complete core/required courses prior to enrolling in elective courses
  • Choose courses from the iSchool timetable or other units as permitted
  • If following the thesis option, must be continuously registered
  • May hold fellowships and other awards only if registered full-time, unless otherwise approved by the iSchool or by the award’s criteria
  • Are subject to the Minimum Degree Fee

Changing To Part-Time Status

  • Full-time and part-time designations are based on registration status, not number of courses taken. Dropping courses does not automatically change a student’s registration status
  • Students must submit a written request for status change to the iSchool Registrar
  • Students may change from full-time to part-time status before the start of their final term (i.e. before the start of the 4th regular session). For more information see the SGS website

Glossary of Terms

One academic term, either:

  • Fall – September to December
  • Winter – January to April
  • Summer – May to August

Regular Session
The Fall session or Winter session

Academic Year
The consecutive period spanning the Fall, Winter and Summer sessions.

Regular Academic Year
The consecutive period spanning the Fall and Winter sessions.

Full course equivalent

Program Length
This term refers to the period of time (in regular sessions or regular academic years) students are expected to take to complete their program according to the program’s design.

Minimum Degree Fee (MDF)

  • The Minimum Degree Fee is the fee associated with the Program Length for each graduate master’s program and represents the minimum amount of tuition that every student, regardless of registration option or status, must pay upon completion of the program prior to graduation
  • All students are subject to tuition and fees for each required session and year of registration, including sessions following the defined Program Length, until the program is completed
  • The actual time to complete a program may vary for individual students, however, students will always need to at least pay the Minimum Degree Fee
  • Students who finish the degree program requirements in less time than the defined Program Length, regardless of registration option, will be subject to a Balance of Degree Fee which is the Minimum Degree Fee less tuition fees already paid by the student

Time Limit
Full-time students must complete all degree requirements within 3 regular academic years as per the School of Graduate Studies regulations (Section 6.6 of SGS Calendar). Students who are not able to complete all their degree requirements within their time limit may request an extension. See Section 7.1.11 of SGS Calendar.