iSchool: Full Disclosure: part 2 of 4

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Here's the second part of Cody's excellent adventure with KMD--


My experience in KMD1001

The core focus of KMD1001 was oriented on a design challenge that would carry through the semester. As a part of this continued project that branched off into many assignments, students were tasked with creating a conceptual mobile tablet computer application to compliment an environmental-art based project that was to be commissioned by the curatorial agency no. 9. Read more »

iSchool: full disclosure (Part 1 of 4)

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Over the next few weeks, follow Cody's guest blog as he writes about his iSchool experience.  Cody Schacter is a second year student following the Critical Information Studies (CIS) path as well as the Knowledge, Media and Design (KMD) collaborative program. This is part 1 of 4. Read more »

How can help!

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If you run into any problems or issues while working on your application, we can help!  Contact us directly at admissions [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca if you want to: Read more »

Paths and how to choose them

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Applicants often ask about our areas of specialization, often called paths, which are possible within the Master of Information degree. The MI degree is very  flexible and customizable to match your interests and needs.

While many students coming into the program are quite clear about what they want to study, you don't really need to know until the start of your second year of the program. Read more »

Rolling admissions...what is it and what's it mean for you?

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"Rolling admissions" means that once your application file is complete the Admissions Committee will begin to review it and that means you may get an offer of admission sooner rather than later.  Read more »

Getting to know the iSchool

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As a prospective or current applicant we invite you to get to know us better. 

We are planning an information evening for those interested in our Masters of Information for February 15 --details will be available soon.  In addition, we have scheduled a series of online chats for any questions you have. Read more »

Application help

Many of you have begun your applications over the winter break.  We look forward to reviewing them!  If you have questions, check my blog of December 20th [below] for some helpful links.  But if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at admissions [dot] ischoolatutoronto [dot] ca.

We will be happy to help you.

Be sure to check deadlines for your program!

Between now and January....

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Starting tomorrow, December 21,  the University will be closed until January 2.  Admissions staff won't be available to help you with any admissions questions but here are some parts of our website that may be helpful if you have not explored them already.

Check deadlines here.  

Find out what documents you will need to assemble to apply. Read more »

The iSchool Community

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After all the research interests, courses and administration forms are taken care of, a student may want to know ‘what is there to do once I’m at the iSchool?’ Answer: lots!

iSchool students are part of a vibrant and active community and can take part in many social events that create a well balanced life experience.

Collaborative Programs

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Students in MI, MMSt and PhD programs have the opportunity to participate in one of a number of Collaborative Programs. These programs are based on an agreement  between the iSchool and other graduate units (department, centres, or institutes).  A CP allows you to specialise in a particular subject  or to explore an interdisciplinary area. Read more »

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